Mourning After

by Last Witness

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released February 20, 2012



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Last Witness UK

Hardcore/Metalcore band from London, England. 2006 - 2013.

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Track Name: The Void
I can't go back, I had it all, can't face the past, what came before, can't shake the feeling, I've missed my connection. I can't go back, I had it all, can't face the past, what came before, feels like, I've been stranded, left standing on a silent platform. Although it's months until I'll see you again, there's no telling if I'll feel any different. Heavy eyes and aching feet; you could never settle and I can never sleep. Things went from bad to worse; last year's lament repeated line and verse. After this summer's promises proved false,
this winter's certain to swallow me whole. Everything still reminds me of you: the steps in my hallway where you tied your shoes; the station platform at the end of the road; the memories loop over and over and over.
Track Name: Exorcism
These are the dark days I promised myself I'd left behind. Won't look back, won't gaze into the void, can't live in the past, I wanted to destroy something beautiful, I'd never have. I hate the world for what it's done to you, what it's doing to me. No God to pray to, but I'm on my knees; no sanctuary, no church, no miracle cure for your disease.
Yeah it's true, I used to believe in something. Now there's nothing left, no respite, no reprieve. No heaven, no hell, no peace with myself, I love you so much it's killing us both. If the devil took your hands I'd cast him out. If only I could exorcise your demons with some ancient ritual. You live like a saint, but you suffer the fate of a sinner. Yeah it's true, I used to believe in something, now there's nothing left, now my faith's disappeared. These are the dark days I promised myself I'd left behind.
Track Name: Love Is A Vampire
Every night you take your love to your grave. You sleep with one eye open as you count your numbered days. Frozen cold is the blood in your veins; years ago you had a soul, now you can never be saved. You fear you've lost forever what it felt to be alive. There's no place for you
in heaven so you stalk forsaken skies; condemned to walk and haunt the earth forever alone, you're a stranger amongst friends this place will never be your home.Howl at the moon, we've watched you take flight.
For years we never saw it happening right before our eyes. Stealing broken hearts like a thief in the night - I know you need this like the air you breathe you fucking parasite. You're a ladykiller, twinkle in your eyes: broken windows to a hopeless soul, you'll languish in the afterlife. You suck the life from your victims, come sunrise your gone; the cold light of day corrodes your flesh exposing you for what you are. You're a monster, the stuff of bad dreams, you feed off of others nightmare you make my flesh creep. You're a vampire, a bloodsucker, a leech, a bottom feeder, a vulture, son of a bitch. And just like the living dead you face reflection with terror. There's blood on your hands and a corpse in your bed, welcome to your own worst nightmare: reality. Your self-perception is warped like a carnival mirror, your introspection's distorted through a prism of terror. You wear your love like a burial shroud. Entomb your secrets from the world, six feet under ground. Your howls of anguish become too loud to ignore, condemned to languish for eternity in purgatory's stranglehold. Reflect; gaze back into the abyss. In the end the void becomes your mistress. Surrender to her cold embrace, lament your heartless existence.
Track Name: Disappearer
Crossed wires and missed connections, false hope and true despair. No direction, loose ends left untied, haunted by premonitions never realised, I close my eyes, I push you to the back of my mind, inside I'm screaming to drown out the sound of your voice, imagined memories of the things I'll never have. No reverie, living nightmare, I lost everything, slipped through my hands, time is a thief, hope is a liar.
Summer in the city left me cold and empty, we both know how this story ends. It's just a question of when, it's just a matter of time.
Track Name: Pan-Am Smile
It's easier to sleep, thirty-five thousand feet above the sea. Air miles and turnstiles click, you close your eyes, adjust your seat. No smoking signs, destination times, "Leave your baggage at the terminal 3". A one way ticket to escape: take flight, leave life behind on the runway. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please, this is your captain speaking. We are experiencing a total loss of control. All of our engines have stopped, cabin pressure is falling fast, your oxygen masks are located above your seats. We've lost radio contact with air traffic control. It's a long way down and I'm told that the water in the North Sea is freezing cold. As we plummet towards certain death, if you look out the windows to your left you'll see your life flashing before your eyes" (and it's ending one minute at a time).
You'll learn to fly with broken wings, to make perfect emergency landings. I'll nose dive into uncharted waters, and they'll never recover the wreck. This is the end.
Track Name: Somnambulism
All my friends are dead or dying. Their corpses speak in forked tongues and see through prying eyes. My ears are burning, my fears are turning into faith, yeah, I've been turning in my sleep, you've been keeping me awake. Am I just paranoid? Are you just out to get me? Are you just lying to my face? Everything you say is empty. I need eyes in the back of my head, to protect from the knives, your connivances. I can sense your attempts to conspire against me. You call me a friend, I'm a snake on a rung of the ladder to the top, I'm just a means to an end to you.Tread on me again, I'll bite your hand off. I walk these hallways trying to escape from this house of horrors that we built. Your desperation, will be your demise. Grown wise to your ways, grown to fucking despise your childish games. Your house of cards is paper thin. What are you gonna do when the walls collapse in on you?
Track Name: Magnolia
You used to make my teeth rattle, my spine shudder, my hands shake, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, my bones ache. Every inch of my skin would burn from within, when you spoke I'd listen, I'd walk any distance to hear what you'd say. I submit, I surrender, I admit it's a heavy price to have to pay. And while it'd be easier for us both if you'd just forget me, I can't erase your face from my memory, I can still trace the contours of your body in my bedsheets. Don't move your lips, I want to forget every conversation, every sentence, every word you ever said. Won't look back, won't remind myself how I felt, I'll tell myself I hate you, that I'm better off without. But I'll always have my doubts.
Track Name: Marionette
You took a hold of me like some cruel puppeteer. I've never felt so powerless so paralysed, so crippled by fear. Panic gripped me like the hand of God, hit me like a hammer, crushed me like a juggernaut. Left me broken down and out and open, thrown from the twenty third floor without a parachute. Wake me up, tell me it's all a bad dream, that I've been accidentally cast in some tragicomic scene, that I'm mistaken, must have misheard, misunderstood that everything will be OK, just like I told you that it would. I know you're a thousand miles away, but still you stalk my thoughts like a shadow every day. Time and distance both seem meaningless. What I'd give just to forget, to take away the pain. And you haunt me like a spectre of a part of me that's died. You taunt me like the crosses on my calendar remind me of the days and nights before us that you chose to leave behind. In the end love will tear us apart. I struggle and I strangle to surrender to speech all the sentiments that I've endured the past few months and weeks. I stutter and I stammer in false starts and fits. I fumble for the language to utter my regrets. I'm scared to death of everything that you made me feel, crushed by the weight of the world, I wish to God this wasn't real. You're not a girl, you're a ghost, you're an apparition. I'm not anything anymore. Metaphor is a poor excuse, vague and out of focus, to mask emotions you'll never have. If you have to ask, you already know. The beat of the kick drum just gives rhythm to a madness you'll never understand. I used to read your thoughts like a book but actions speak louder than your words ever could. We just told each other what we needed to hear, deceived by the distance, cheated by despair. In the beginning I sang with hope, now I stifle screams, choke back your name caught in my throat. It's easier for me to walk away.